Maritza Caneca


Visual artist Maritza Caneca’s practice is driven by three decades as a cinematographer. Inspired by her early work, the artist is in a continuous search for symmetry, focusing on natural and manmade pattern making. Maritza’s projects are clad in geometric tendencies lending themselves to repetitive forms, particularly the simple design of pool tiles - perfect squares in perfect harmony.

Through installations and photographs, the artist communicates the nostalgia she felt in 2012, when she witnessed the abandonment of her grandparents’ pool in their summer ranch. Since that pivotal moment, Maritza has become obsessed with the nature of pools and the memories that once filled these spaces. Empty pools, devoid of water do not represent complete emptiness, as they carry in them many stories. In her works, the artist provides sensory experiences that surround viewers to trigger their most intimate memories.

As an multimedia artist, Maritza Caneca finds movement in the static and a future in the void. With an outsider perspective, she accesses and captures the coveted feeling of serenity and freedom that pools symbolize. Today, working with both empty and undrained, private and public pools, embracing the immersive sensations of weightlessness and calm that are unique to a pool filled not only with water, but liveliness. Within each fragment of the world, the poetic force of Maritza's artworks, immersed in temporalities, silence and transformation, lead to the enchantment of a forgotten world. The images overflow the banal gaze of everyday life, subverting the common through poetic traces of the real.

Maritza Caneca is one of the most recognized Brazilian fine art photographers working today. Her works have achieved critical acclaim not just in Brazil, but internationally, from New York, Rio de Janeiro, Budapest, Denmark to Switzerland, and more. She has exhibited at leading galleries, organizations and art fairs and has been commissioned for public art, such as the iconic Copacabana Palace Pool project.

In 2016, Maritza was invited to exhibit her work at the renowned Paço Imperial, with an exhibition curated by Vanda Klabin, that took place during the Olympics in Rio. “Maritza Caneca Pool Series” achieved commercial and critical success with over 30,000 visitors viewing her work. In the summer 2019, her work was part of Photographic Visions 2019 at PH21 Contemporary Photography Gallery, Budapest.

Today, Maritza lives and works in Miami, FL and has a studio at the Bakehouse Art Complex.

Miami +1 786 603 4285
Rio + 55 21 999 96 2010
instagram @maritzacaneca

Anita Schwartz Galeria de Arte, Rio de Janeiro
Galeria Carbono, São Paulo

Sizes and Editions Available
40 x 60 in / 100 x 150 cm, Cotton papel, Edition of 3
31.5 x 48 in /80 x 120 cm, Cotton papel, Edition of 5
15.75 x 23.5 in / 40 x 60cm, Cotton papel, Edition of 5